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Bright is the brightest monthly newsletter for smart kids like you, courtesy of Mensa For Kids and the Mensa Education & Research Foundation! Every issue is full of games, puzzles, activities and fun stuff to think about. Tell your friends they can subscribe online, and if you're more of an "online" Bright kid, you can play a number of games on our website.

New Young Mensan Magazine

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Our March issue of YM² focuses on transitions and how coping skills can improve your life. We get the professional's take on five commonly believed lies about anxiety. And we learn how one of our writers finds freedom from stress through community service.

All that, plus shouts-out, happenings, creative submissions and more! Prepare to look at the world through a different lens for our latest contest.

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Baker Street Puzzle
Baker Street Puzzle

Whatzit Puzzle

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Sudoku X
Sudoku X puzzle
Word Warp puzzle
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