Inside the September issue of Young Mensan Magazine and our newest TED Connection.
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Bright is the brightest monthly newsletter for smart kids like you, courtesy of Mensa For Kids and the Mensa Education & Research Foundation! Every issue is full of games, puzzles, activities and fun stuff to think about. Tell your friends they can subscribe online, and if you're more of an "online" Bright kid, you can play a number of games on our website.

NEW: September's Young Mensan Magazine

September Young Mensan Magazine

YM² follows the Mensa Bulletin's lead this month with an entire issue dedicated to works of fiction. Inside these pages you'll discover stories, puzzles, poetry and prose all with one thing in common — great storytelling. The issue is packed not only with our YM² staff writers' work but also with an exciting selection of reader-submitted material, too!

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Baker Street Puzzle
Baker Street Puzzle

Whatzit Puzzle

New TED Connection: Adam Grant's "Original Thinkers"

New TED Connection: Original Thinkers

Have you ever wondered what makes some successful while others have trouble finding success? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant has labeled successful people as "originals." In this Ted Connection, we explore the attributes that make someone an "original," while delving into some of the unexpected habits they all seem to share.

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Word Roundup puzzle KenKen puzzle
Sudoku X
Sudoku X puzzle
Word Warp puzzle

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Baker Street Puzzle: J. The first letter is followed by those that are two before and three after; Whatzit?: Dog pound; Word Roundup: Mole, bear, deer, boar, lion, lynx, goat, mule, seal, puma | delicacy, operator, idiotic | mango, Virgo, lingo | James Bond | Greece; Word Warp (top to bottom): Talk, wild, fried, turkey
Sudoku solution KenKen solution
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