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New: Young Mensan Magazine
Young Mensan Magazine

Because they deserve it, we're celebrating dads all month long with the June issue of YM². Inside, you'll learn about how the yearly homage to dear ol' Dad started with the origin of Father's Day, how we've come to celebrate our country's Founding Fathers, and a touching personal essay about the relationship between one Young Mensan and his father. Also: some seriously strong dad jokes!

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Baker Street Puzzle
Baker Street Puzzle

Whatzit Puzzle
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Word Roundup puzzle KenKen puzzle
Sudoku X
Sudoku X puzzle
Word Warp puzzle

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Sudoku solution KenKen solution Baker Street Puzzle:UST (the last three letters of "August"); Whatzit?:The morning after the night before; Word Roundup:Pull, fall, call bill, dull, tall, full, bull, will, sell | folk, rock, jazz | noun, neon, noon | Canada, Mexico | lion, lynx; Word Warp: (top to bottom) Seat, fan, black, belt
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